Mitch Siegal
Should You Want Me   | 
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Should You Want Me words & music by Mitch Siegal

Intro G / Em / C / G (finger picked with high D note attached) SLOW!

G Em C G
Inspired not to live, just a little past my means ..should you want me, should you want me...
G Em C G
Inspired what to feel, when the timing is just right, should you want me, yeah should you want me..

Em A D G Em A D G
There is a poet here that reminds me of my youth, someone responsible for turning out some truth...
Em A D G
Pen goes to paper, where the words no longer hide,
Em A D C G C
will you still want me, should I manage to survive...survive....Mmmmm...

G / Em/ C /

G Em C G
Saddened by the day, when it hasn't even come...should you want me, should you want me...
G Em C G
I'll be there for you, but not always there for me...should you want me, yeah should you want me...

Em A D G Em A D G
There is no hope, when your will is not to try, lift up this heart of mine, from the weight that lives inside...
Em A D G
Begin to heal old wounds that we wear under these clothes...
Em A C G C
You can be happy, if you choose to...when ya choose to... Mmmmmm....

G / Em/ C / outro Harp

Lyrics Credits: Mitch Siegal
Music Credits: Mitch Siegal
Producer Credits: Mitch Siegal
Publisher Credits: Mitch Siegal
Performance Credits: Mitch Siegal
Label Credits: Mitch Siegal
Short Song Description:
In relationships, we tend to do the very best we can, sometimes we fall short causing co-dependant personality types to manifest.
Even though we mean well, our depression can take its toll on our loved ones. prompting the question, Should You Want Me.
Song Length: 3:56
Primary Genre: Rock-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Rock-Easy Listening